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Dissertation Enhancement Awards

Request for Proposals 2012-2013 – Closed


The Center for Qualitative Studies in Health & Medicine (CQSHM) at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is pleased to announce a new award to support dissertation research.

The award supports dissertation projects that use qualitative or ethnographic methodologies and that embrace a qualitative or ethnographic perspective/philosophy. The award is one way the CQSHM has committed to promoting innovative and high quality qualitative research in the School and in public health more broadly. The award recognizes that conducting research using these methodologies involves a considerable time investment. The award is designed to enhance students’ ability to conduct rigorous qualitative or ethnographic work, and is a supplement to any current sources of support.

This spring, the Center will award up to two research grants of $1,500 each for studies conducted during the 2012-2013 academic year.


All doctoral (PhD, ScD or DrPH) candidates who have successfully completed their school-wide oral exams on or before April 15th, 2012 are eligible to apply for the awards.

To be competitive, students should have taken one (and preferably more) qualitative or ethnographic research courses at the University, and be planning or conducting dissertation research that relies on extensive use of qualitative methods. Students whose dissertation research is primarily quantitative are not likely to be competitive for these awards.

Use of Award Funds

Funds may be used to cover the costs of fieldwork, equipment, participant reimbursements, and most other research-related expenses. Funds cannot be used for tuition, stipends, training, conference participation, or transcription.

Grant Recipient Requirements

In accepting an award, the student agrees to:

  • Submit a research abstract and photograph that will be posted on the CQSHM website;
  • Present the research to CQSHM faculty affiliates during the academic year in which the award was made;
  • Acknowledge CQSHM support in their dissertation and in publications resulting from the work;
  • Send the CQSHM copies of any papers or publications resulting from the supported work; and
  • Provide a brief summary of how the funds were used at the end of the award period.

Application Process

To be considered for an award, please submit the following:

  1. A proposal (1,500 words or less) that outlines the research proposed or underway. Include a clear description of your research questions and approach and describe how the award would enhance your ability to carry out the project. (Research supported by CQSHM is expected to have undergone IRB review. Proposals should state whether IRB review is complete or in process. No funds will be released until IRB approval has been obtained.)
  2. A complete JHSPH transcript; and
  3. A letter of recommendation from your advisor. The letter should comment on the overall dissertation project and attest to the centrality of qualitative or ethnographic approaches to it.

The application should be done online via the centers website at http://cqshm.org/dissertation-award/application-form/

Review Process

Proposals will be reviewed by an interdisciplinary committee of faculty affiliates of the CQSHM. Applications will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. The overall quality of the proposed project, including innovation and creativity in the study questions, design, and/or use of qualitative or ethnographic methods;
  2. The ability of the student to carry out high quality research, to be assessed on the basis of the student’s training (including coursework), academic performance, and the feasibility of the proposed project; and
  3. Evidence that the funds would enhance the student’s work.

Unfortunately, CQSHM cannot provide feedback on individual proposals.

Applicants will be informed of funding decisions by May 30th, 2012.